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The Planner created for every kind of artist!

Break down your yearly goals in small actionable steps. 

What is a Type (A)rtist?

A Type (A)rtist is a creative who operates on a high creative level, but also loves to plan and organize down to the last detail! Ultimately, you love organizing through a creative lens.


Even if this isn't you, this planner will help you focus those ideas in a manageable and fun way!


"I now have a place to plan, set goals, and make sure I stay on track each week.

I have been using multiple planners and organizers to accomplish what I can in this one, concise unit. I am VERY pleased. I have found my new, best planner" 

-Dr. Hope Murphy

"I’m an avid list maker and having free space to make to-do lists in the same place was great for 1) consistency and 2) to keep me from losing it. I really enjoyed the weekly goal setting and weeks that’s built in, it helps to remind you to celebrate the process.


I love that the Type Artist Planner gives me a place that holds my lists, tasks, and personal growth in one, tangible place!" 

-Renee M. Nyack  

" The Typewriter Artist Planner is bae! I love the colors, the unique texture, and the quality. This planner has helped me stay on track all year long and has aided me in pursuing my wildest dream of being a filmmaker. I never leave the house without it!." 

- Trey Francis


Get Typed in!

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